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Trekking Tours in Himachal Pradesh

May 2015 Admin Blog home
Western ghats

The Malana Traverse (5 Days)
Malana is a mysterious village. Its inhabitants?.. roots are said to be traceable to the lost army of Alexander the Great. It is also a village that believes in its own law that deals with any crime or dispute. It was isolated till about 2 decades ago but has since experienced a number of visitors and travelers. Today although there is no road connecting it to the outside world well defined trails lead to it from the Kullu and Parvati Valleys.

The Base of Deo Tibba Trek (6 Days)
This well defined trail leads out of the ancient Jagatsukh village once the capital of the Kullu kings through thickly forested hillsides of Oak and Deodar, sprawling lush green meadows carpeted with a myriad variety of wild flowers and herbs, and glistening streams towards the base of the Deo Tibba Mountain. You are also treated to spectacular views of the upper Kullu valley besides the mountains of the Pir Panjal ranges.

The Solang Valley, Beas Kund and Bhrighu Lake Treks (All 3 Day treks)
The charming Solang Valley is approached by a track leading out of the Manali village which continues high above the River Beas through villages and forest glades. Solang is also a ski resort in winter. The glacial lake of Beas Kund lies further west from this valley and offers splendid views of the popular peaks in the area - Deo Tibba to the south east, Hanuman Tibba to the west and Lady Leg to the north. The hidden Bhrighu Lake can be accessed from two points. You can either drive up to the Gulaba Meadows turning due east and then south towards the lake walking through flower strewn meadows or climb steeply up from the village of Vashisht 3 Kms north of Manali town.


A trip to Babaji's cave in Himalayas

October 2015 Admin Blog home

Our trip started from Delhi where we drove to Ranikhet, put up in a farm house here to visit the cave. After breakfast, a slightly windy October morning we set out to find the divine place where we longed to go for quite a long time. We drove down to Dwarhat nearly 35 kms away which took an hour. The winding roads takes you around and around the green mountains, where at a distance the snow capped Himalayan peaks appear nearby but get lost as we drive further.

We reach a village Dwarhat with a busy market place where we enquire the road to Kukuchina. The villagers are very helpful and hospitable to guide us correctly with tips to reach there. Dwarhat to Kukuchina is another 15kms. Kukuchina is a small village which appears sparsely inhabited and the road ends here. We stop the car at Joshi tea stall, a gentleman with a big smile and warm hospitality welcomes us as if he knew we were to arrive. He shows us the directions and the route to the cave on the opposite mountain. The car can be taken 2 kms further through a rough patch, where it can be parked comfortably at the foot of the mountain to start the trek.

From Mr Updhayay (owner of Holm Farms) we came to know about Mr Joshi who can assist in getting the key to cave as its locked the key is with the local person in Kukuchina town. He could not be reached that day we started our journey hoping for the best. Luckly Mr Joshi was available at the restaurant and we came to know that cave is open and a Dr family from Mumbai has just left to the cave. From the restaurant ,there is 2 kms walk/drive through the narrow road which leads to the base of the mountain, the road is very narrow , but with little effort one can drive to the base of the hill.


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Beaches in Maharashtra - Ganapatipule is a small village in the Kokan coast with a series of beaches.....the Ganapti temple on the beach draws lots of pilgrims each year. The twin beaches of Aare-Ware and Gaywadi beach flanks on the either sides of the Ganapatipule beach. The nearest railhead and airport is at Ratnagiri.