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Kaas Plateau in August

March 2018 Admin Blog home
kaas plateau

Pune - Kaas Plateau
  • Distance - 140kms (around 3hrs)
  • No of days - 1
  • Booking done online - kas.ind.in

  • Kaas Pathar - Valley of Flowers, also known as the Kaas Pathar or Kas Sadas, is a plateau situated 25 kilometres west from Satara city in Maharashtra, India. It falls under the Sahyadri Sub Cluster of the Western Ghats, and it became a part of a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2012.

    Private vehicles aren't allowed until the plateau however visitors are required to park the vehicles 2 kms before and will have to take the mini bus to the plateau, which are operated by forest department. The bus ticket costs INR. 10.00 per head one way.

    Best time to visit this place is from mid August to mid October. Onlys 3000 visitors are allowed in a day to the plateau and one can book tickets online from https://www.kas.ind.in

    The tickets cost INR 100.00 per head. Children below 12 years free. Citizens above 65 also free. Carry id proof. Online booking not complusary, but its better especially on holidays.


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