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Less SeenLess Explored Destinations India

Less Explored Destinations India

Pin Valley National Park (Lahaul & Spiti Himachal Pradesh)

Pin Valley is located in Lahaul & Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. Its a cold desert, domainated more by the Tibetan culture. There are around 16-17 villages around, which are sparsely populated. The pin valley is usually covered under a white blanket of thick snow throughout the year. For adventure lovers it is a ideal destination. - Know more

Jhaltola (Kumaon Uttarakhand)

Jhaltola was a tea estate during the British period. It is a beautiful place to unwind relax with the scenic Himalayas. The views of the snow capped Himalayan ranges are the major highlight here. The Garhwal Himalayas on the left to the Kumaoni Himalayas from the Nanda ghunti to the Panchachuli and the Aapi Nampha peaks of Nepal Himalayan range in the right are visible. - Know more

Dholavira (Kutch Gujarat)

One of the two largest Harappan sites in India & 5th largest in the subcontinent. Dholavira has excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization/ Harappan culture. The other being Lothal one of the most prominent cities of the ancient Indus valley civilization. Lothal's dock, the world's earliest known, was a vital and thriving trade centre in ancient times. - Know more

Tosamaidan (Kashmir)

The paradise on earth Kashmir has almost everything that nature can offer. One such breathtaking destination is Tosamaidan. An alpine meadow that has been under the army since 1964 ans is now open for the world to visit. After decades of being utilised by the army as an ordinance testing ground, the place is now open for tourists as the lease of the army expired in 2014. - Know more

Bhaderwah (Kashmir)

Bhaderwah is a valley with natural beauty and panoramic vistas which has earned it an epithet of Chota Kashmir. The beauty of the place is the saucer shaped valley, the deodar and kail forests and River Neeru. The carpet of winter snow and the colours of the summer flowers blossoming all over makes one fall in love with the place. - Know more

Dachigam National Park (Kashmir)

Famous for the Kashmiri stag Hangul, the Dachigam National park is located 22 kms from Srinagar. Covering an area of 141sq kms, set in the lap of Zabarwan range in the western Himalayas, the park has an altitude variation of 5500ft to 1400ft. - Know more