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    Dachigam National park (Kashmir, J&K)

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    About Dachigam National park

    Famous for the Kashmiri stag Hangul, the Dachigam National park is located 22 kms from Srinagar. Covering an area of 141sq kms, set in the lap of Zabarwan range in the western Himalayas, the park has an altitude variation of 5500ft to 1400ft.

    As such the park is demarcated into an uneven region from gently sloping grasslands to sharp rocky outcrops and cliffs. Bare Rock Mountains and crevices above the tree line present a mesmerising spectacle of the park from afar. There are alpine pastures, meadows, waterfalls, scrub vegetation with deep gullies with diverse flora and fauna.

    How to reach Dachigam

    Dachigam National Park is located 22 kilometers from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.
    Dachigam is best considered as two parts. Lower Dachigam is more accessible to a visitor while Upper Dachigam is a day's trek.

    What to see
    The Kashmiri stag Hangul is the pride of Kashmir. It is one of the two races of the red deer which are found in the sub continent. Other popular spotting include musk deer, leopard, grey langur, leopard cat, Himalayan black bear, yellow throated martin.

    Birds seen here
    Himalayan monal, golden oriole, pygmy owlet, koklass pheasant, Kashmir flycatcher, Tytlers leaf warbler, streaked laughing thrush and Himalayan ruby throat.

    Best time to visit
    It is open throughout the year. The best time to visit is April - August when the park is at its scenic best and is approachable to the remotest corners. Entry permit is needed to enter the park. It can be obtained at the check post at the parks entrance or wildlife wardens' office.
    The park is closed from mid Oct to mid Nov for the mating of Hangul deer. However special permission to visit the park can be taken from Kashmir tourist reception centre or wild life office.
    September/October is also a good time for viewing the Black Bear which is feeding up on the remaining walnuts and acorns, building up fat for its long hibernation.

    Srinagar is just 22 kms so it can be planned as a day trip.
    Forest Department accommodation is available in the Park and may be reserved through the Chief Wildlife Warden at the office in the Tourist Reception Centre in Srinagar.

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