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Trekking Tours in Himachal Pradesh

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The Malana Traverse (5 Days)
Malana is a mysterious village. Its inhabitantsí roots are said to be traceable to the lost army of Alexander the Great. It is also a village that believes in its own law that deals with any crime or dispute. It was isolated till about 2 decades ago but has since experienced a number of visitors and travelers. Today although there is no road connecting it to the outside world well defined trails lead to it from the Kullu and Parvati Valleys.

The Base of Deo Tibba Trek (6 Day)s
This well defined trail leads out of the ancient Jagatsukh village once the capital of the Kullu kings through thickly forested hillsides of Oak and Deodar, sprawling lush green meadows carpeted with a myriad variety of wild flowers and herbs, and glistening streams towards the base of the Deo Tibba Mountain. You are also treated to spectacular views of the upper Kullu valley besides the mountains of the Pir Panjal ranges.

The Solang Valley, Beas Kund and Bhrighu Lake Treks (All 3 Day treks)
The charming Solang Valley is approached by a track leading out of the Manali village which continues high above the River Beas through villages and forest glades. Solang is also a ski resort in winter. The glacial lake of Beas Kund lies further west from this valley and offers splendid views of the popular peaks in the area - Deo Tibba to the south east, Hanuman Tibba to the west and Lady Leg to the north. The hidden Bhrighu Lake can be accessed from two points. You can either drive up to the Gulaba Meadows turning due east and then south towards the lake walking through flower strewn meadows or climb steeply up from the village of Vashisht 3 Kms north of Manali town.

The Bhabha Pass Trek (6 Days)
This trek is approached from the Pin Valley in Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. We drive up to the Mud Village in Pin Valley from Manali crossing the two mountain passes of Rohtang and Kunzum. At first the trail traverses a barren landscape but after crossing the Bhabha Pass at 4866m, the landscape is transformed into lush green meadows, sparkling streams and thick forests of Pine and Deodar. The trek terminates at the village of Kafnu in the Kinnaur Valley. This trek can also be approached from the other direction via Shimla and Kinnaur terminating in Spitiís Pin Valley.

The Pin Parvati Trek into Pin Valley (12 Days)
One of the most spectacular treks in the region, the trail at first is moderate in its inclines, but at later stages gets steep and can be a bit strenuous. Leading west from the lush green Parvati Valley beside the river of the same name, the trail ends at the base of the Pin Parvati Pass. From here there is no defined trail to the pass and beyond. One has to cross a glaciated patch and snow fields to the top of the pass and then descend into a large stretch criss crossed with streams. Here the terrain changes dramatically presenting you with views of rugged, barren mountains. The trek ends at the village of Mud in Spitiís Pin Valley. The suggested months for this trek are August & September due to radical changes in weather conditions.

The Bara Banghal Nomadic Trail (14 Days)
Used for centuries by the traditional shepherds of the Kangra Valley - the sturdy Gaddis - to accompany their flocks to the higher grazing grounds, the trail affords excellent views of the Pir Panjal mountain range. Beginning from the Lamadugh Meadows due west of Manali, the trail crosses the Kalihaini Pass and then emerges through scree and moraine slopes into the lush green landscape of Kangra Valley. After reaching the quaint village of Bara Banghal the winter homes of these nomadic shepherds, we turn south to cross another pass the Thamser and finally reach the Tibetan Settlement of Bir from where we take surface transport to Dharamshala.

The Kinner Kailash Parikrama (6 Days)
The Kinner Kailash is sacred to the Hindu Community and is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva. This peak is often hidden by clouds but on a clear day the views are magnificent as the sun transforms the snow clad upper parts of the peak into burnished gold. The trek commences from Kinnaurís district headquarters of Rekong Peo. The trail goes through lush green forests of Deodar, Fir and Spruce climbing up to the Charang La at 5682m. All along the trail you get fascinating views of the Kinner Kailash mountain range. The trek ends at Chitkul the last village of Kinnaurís picturesque Sangla Valley. From here you take surface transport to Shimla the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

The Indrahar Pass Traverse (10 Days)
This trek involves the crossing of two mountain passes - The Indrahar and Minkiani. Going along the periphery of Chamba, the trail completes a circle as it return to the Kangra Valley. On the way you are afforded with grand panoramic views of the entire Pir Panjal range of mountains.

The Kinnaur Sangla trail over the Shibling Pass (11 Days)
This is a fascinating trek over the Shibling Pass in the Sangla Valley. The entire route is filled with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and goes through forests and meadows and fruit orchards with great views of the Kinner Kailash range and the Sangla valley from a few stops on the way. The trek is not very strenuous and can be done by reasonably fit persons. The best season for this trek is June to August.

Wild Trek (Kullu Valley) (6 days)
This 11 km trek is done in the months May, June, August, September, October & November. The route passes along the Beas river with spectacular views of Deo tibba, Indrasan and Hanuman tibba. The Gumeri reserve forest can promise you some spotting and further trek to Sheila Goru Nalla to see this dying glacier.

Morchella trek (10 days)
Done from June to October, the trek begins from Manali then to Manikaran. The Pluga is a beautiful Alpine pasture, trek down forest with herbal plants cross the Pandu bridge across Mantai lake to Tundabhuj.

There are many more trekks to choose from here :-

  • The Chandertal Lake Trek - 11 Days Grade: Moderate
  • Manali- Lamayuru (Zanskar & Ladakh) Trek Via Padum - 21 Days Grade: Moderate-Strenuous
  • The Bashleo Pass Trek Into Rampur - 5 Days Grade: Easy To Moderate
  • The Miyar Valley (Lahaul Valley) Trek Into Zanskar - 14 Days Grade: Easy To Strenuous And Technical
  • The Tso Moriri Lake Trek (Spiti, Changthang Plateau And Ladakh) To Changthang: 14 Days Grade: Moderate To Strenuous
  • Great Himalayan National Park Trails (Sainj Valley - Kullu) - 3-7 Days Grade: Moderate To Strenuous

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