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Tapasya Paratha Junction

March 2018 Admin Blog home
tapasya paratha rohtak

Tapasya Paratha Junction
They claim to make the largest paratha in India, and also offer a challege of free food to those who can eat three such parathas in 50 mins. Seeing the paratha size we were amazed as to how on earth was it possible? Well there are winners and their photographs are displayed on the wall. A drive of 150kms early morning and we arrive at the junction, through Google listed that it opens at 9am, we had to wait half an hour more for the shutter to go up and another half an hour or more for the parthas to be served. Yes the parathas are huge in size, and pls dont look into the hygiene and the time taken for serving. Lets have some pics....

Our group

Tapasya paratha junction

The list of parathas and their cost on display

The menu card

The challenge

And finally the Mattar pyaj paratha

The parathas being made

The huge jalebi

The making of the jalebi

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