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Garadia Mahadev

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Garadia Mahadev

Garadia Mahadev Kota
Ramada Jaipur to Garadia temple is 250kms. Roads are good. The drive early morning was beautiful with intermittent rains. The chambal river view in best in monsoons time with waterfalls and the clouded sky. From The Kota highway, 5 km away we arrive to the ticket counter. Each person is charged with Rs 75/- and Rs 250/- for a car entry. Bike entry is Rs30/-

The parking is right in front of the viewpoint. Monkey menance is quite high so pls keep the windows of car topped, and preferably don't carry eatables and bags. No basic facilities like toilets and eateries. A bit walk forward, a descent of steps takes you to the Mahadev temple. Rest let the photos speak:-

The road that turns from the highway



The temple

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