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Yamunotri & Gangotri - two dham yatraDelhi - Dehradun - Yamunotri - Uttarkashi - GangotriTotal No of days - 4 extended by 5 daysDated - June 2013

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Day 1

Delhi - Dehradun Total kms - 275 kms Time taken - 6 hrs

The first day we drive till Dehra dun, where we put up in GMVN Drona.
gmvn drona dehradun

Day 2

Dehradun - Jankaichatti Total kms - 177kms Time taken - 7 hrs

Near Mussorie
views mussorie

views mussorie

parking at Janakichatti
parking janakichatti


views from janakichatti

GMVN Janakichatti
GMVN annexy Janakichatti

Day 3

Trek to Yamunotri temple Total kms - 7kms Time taken - 2-3 hrs ascent

Start at 4:30 and return by 10:30am.
yamunotri trek start

trek yamunotri

climb yamunotri

view from yamunotri trek

snow mountains enroute yamunotri

yamunotri temple

hot water springs yamunotri

yamuna river source

yamunotri temple

yamunotri holy

Onward journey to Gangotri....
Yamunotri to Uttarkashi Total kms - 128 Time taken - 6 hrs

Stay in Hotel Shivlinga Uttarkashi
hotel shivlinga uttarkashi

Hotel Bhagirtahi beside the hotel
bhagirathi river hotel shivlinga

Day 4

Gangotri temple visit Total kms - 98kms Time taken - 9 hrs

maneri enroute gangotri

delay due to landslide
landslide gangotri

enroute gangotri

way to gangotri

Views enroute
himalayas route gangotri

Parking at the temple
parking gangotri

parking gangotri temple

parking gangotri

Timings of Gangotri temple
open close timings gangotri temple

Treks starting from here
treks from gangotri

markets gangotri

markets gangotri

gangotri temple entry

Gangotri temple
gangotri temple
gangotri temple
Mountains around
around gangotri temple

Bhagirath dham
bhagirtah dham

Bhagirathi river
Bhagirathi river gangotri

Bhagirathi river flow

Bhagirathi river holy

Baby Shiva
baby shiva

The return journey
retuen gangotri

drive gangotri

road drive gangotri uttarkashi

Rest for the day....Continous rainfall.

Day 5

Plan Kedarnath visit but roads blocked.
Stuck for the next 5 days in the hotel due to massive landslide. Walks around the town of uttarkashi, and the rains and floods had created massive destruction.
Bhagirathi river
Bhagirathi river uttarkashi

Bhagirathi river floods

Bhagirathi river

Bhagirathi river

Bhagirathi river

Kashi Vishwanath Temple Uttarkashi
Kashi Vishwanath Temple Uttarkashi

Kashi Vishwanath Temple Uttarkashi

uttarkashi temple

kashi vishwanath

shiva temple uttarkashi

vishwanath temple

uttarkashi markets

floods uttarkashi

2013 uttarkhand floods

uttarkashi floods

uttarkashi flash floods

uttarkashi floods

uttarkashi floods 2013

uttarkashi floods

uttarkashi floods

uttarkashi floods

uttarkashi floods

The return journey....temporary roads, and work on in full swing.
Drive uttarkashi to haridwar

uttarkashi haridwar drive

uttarkashi haridwar road floods

drive uttarkashi haridwar

return delhi after floods

uttarkashi roads floods

road work floods

uttarkashi delhi drive floods

kedarnath floods uttarakashi

landslide 2013 uttarkashi

floods landslides uttarkashi

uttarkashi delhi drive floods

Drove whole day...and reached Delhi by 11:30pm. Prayers and Prayers for all those who lost their near and dear ones, property, wealth and more in the floods....and thankyou to everyone who endeavoured to clear up the roads for many many people like us, to return back home.

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