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VrindavanDelhi - VrindavanTotal No of days - 2Dated - November 2016

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Mathura the holy city is just 160kms from delhi, a peaceful drive through the Yamuna expressway. The booking of Hare Krishna Orchid was done, and so within 3 hrs of drive, we reach our place of stay. The place is a housing society and a wing has been converted to the hotel unit, I guess the sort of services apartments. The positivity of the place however is the proximity to the Iscon and Prem mandir. There is ample parking space and right from the gate you get autos and battery operated vehicles where ever you want to go. Some pics....

The rooms are well furnished but not well maintained. The food is average. Some pics of the room...

After some rest we set out to the Iscon temple, the autowala took around Rs 50/- Being a Saturday the temple was beaming with bhakts in estacy. The temple has a whole new dimension of energy and bhakti. The chants and the dance of Krishna bhakts lost in devotion is a new feeling altogether, with the chants of Hare rama hare Krishna and the spiritual fervor dances pulsates vibrant energy. The temple also having the samadhi of Swami Prabudapada. You can stay here as there is a guest house, and just a walk away is the Gaushala. Maha prasadam is available from 7:30 to 12:45 in the morning and 4:30 to 8pm daily.

There is a Govinda restaurant is in the guest house, MVT restaurant at the MVT guest house and Krsna Balarama bakery at the entrance. The temple and its premises are beaming with curious visitors, chanting radhe radhe with chandan marks on their forehead and cheeks proclaiming their love for the Lord. Worth spending the evening in japa here. Some pics of the temple.

After we collect our footwear's, pick up some sweets for friends, we walk down to the Prem mandir . Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj built this huge temple, and the main focus is Prem Raas Leela of Radha and Krishana. Don't miss the musical fountain for 30 mins at 7pm. Best visited is after dark once the illumination is activated. Temple closes as 8.30p.m.

The next morning we move out for Banke Bihari temple located in the narrow bylanes of Mathura. It is the oldest temple here. Being a Sunday there was a huge rush awaiting us. The timings of the temple are summer (7.45am to 12 am and 5.30PM to 9.30pm) and winter season (8.45AM to 1PM and 4.30PM to 8.30PM ). Its a nice beautiful temple. Car parking is available a bit far, but e-rikshaws are convenient. The streets are so narrow that we have to walk a certain distance to the temple. Beware of monkeys.

After having breakfast at our hotel we move out to reach Delhi by afternoon.

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