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Visa Requirements for Indian Tourists

Holidays from India with no visa

Mexico - Visa free for 30 days for those having a valid American visa
Madagascar - Visa on arrival valid for 90 days. Rs 1200/-
Bhutan - Visa on arrival. ID proof mandatory.
Fiji islands - Visa on arrival for 3 months and is free
Indonesia - 30 day visa on arrival Rs 1200/-
Jordan - Visa on arrival 1400/- for 30 days
Kenya - Visa on arrival
Other valid visas

  • A valid visa for UK allows entry to Turkey, Taiwan, Gibraltar and Angulia.
  • A valid visa for Canada can also be used for visiting Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Panama and Taiwan.
  • A valid American visa you can visit Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guam, South Korea, Northern Marianas, Panama, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Taiwan, US Virgin islands and Turkey.

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