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Travel tips with kids

Travelling with kids is not easy, there are many things to remember and to take care of. Hence with thought and planning a good vacation can be carved out. Lets have a look at a few tips:-

Gather Information about the place
Try to gather as much information about the place. Like is it a cold or hot places, preferably the temperature, local sighseeing options, the walk to each destination to be covered, activities to keep the children busy, food available in the restaurant matches the taste of the kids etc.

Packing your baggage
Keep a set of clothes of kids in your hand baggage. If they mess up their clothes, you can change it easily than opening the larger ones. Keep lots of tissues and towels handy. Carry a favourite toy or snack of your child in case he/she gets cranky. Carry warm clothes even if the destination is not a cold place as during nights the room gets cool due to the AC.

Carry the essential medicines in a kit and also the prescription. You can approach a pediatrician who can guide you with an essential travel kit of medicines.

Fun foods
Many mothers stuff their child with solid food, before a journey or sightseeing. The best food for kids would preferably be fruits and juices as they are light and easy to digest. If you are going to a mountain top or secluded place then make sure to carry some food preferably energy rich food like energy bars, groundnuts, chocolates etc.

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