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Safe Treks in Sanctuaries having tigers and leopards

  • We all might know that tigers & leopards do not hunt humans unless, it is old, weak, injured. The guide can give you the latest happenings in the park.
  • Wear dresses which camoflauge with the environment so that you blend with nature.
  • Carry a pepper spray, may sound funny but in a real crisis situation it may help. Keep it handy and spray when the animal is a safe distance away.
  • Carry a stick in your hand as it may dissuade the animal. If too near aim the face or nose with the stick.
  • Avoid wearing deos, perfumes
  • Go in groups and preferably take a guide or a local villager with you.
  • Never stare at an animal in the eyes insterd keep a watch on its movements. Stay calm, dont run. A leopard moves 3-10 mtrs close to the prey before plunging on it
  • Avoid carrying eatables.
  • The weak areas of the leopard are the nose, eyes and testicles. So if you are a prey ever aim for these places.
  • As leopards hunt at night, it would be better to not invade into their privacy at night.

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