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Finally Leh(d)Road trip Delhi - Kud - Srinagar - Sonamarg - Kargil - Leh - Pangong - Nubra - Sarchu - ManaliTotal No of days - 15Dated - June 2011

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Route map Delhi-Srinagar-Leh-Manali-Delhi

  • Distance - Delhi to Kud (682kms)
  • Kud - Srinagar (220kms)
  • Srinagar - Sonamarg (80kms)
  • Sonamarg to Kargil (125kms)
  • Kargil to Leh (230kms)
  • Leh to Sarchu (255kms)
  • Sarchu to Manali (225kms)
  • Manali to Delhi (550kms)

  • Delhi - Kud roadtrip log

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Delhi start 4.30am 0 Not much traffic at Delhi border.
    We reahed Sonepat real fast.
    Panipat 05.30am
    Ambala 06.50am
    Kharar 07.55am Breakfast break at Ropar-Balachor highway
    08.30 near DCM Factory. Bamboo Shade.
    Garhshankar 10am
    Hoshiarpur 10.45am
    Dasuya 11.40am
    Pathankot 12.35pm Lunch at Nirulas
    Lakhanpur Border 2pm Take slip for Rs 130. It is valid at Qzigund.
    Dayal Chak 32 kms from Lakhanpur border Sign - Midway Hotel, Petrol Pumps. (Turn Right).
    This small road of 85 kms take via Gadak,Challan,
    Khoon and Manwal connect exit of Udhampur.
    First 30kms is not so good, after that its fun
    to drive. No/least traffic. Not advisable
    after 6.pm. Lonely road.
    Kishenpur 3.30pm
    Udhampur 4.40pm
    Kud 5.30pm Stay at Tourist Bunglow, JK Tourism
    TOTAL 13hrs 680kms

    Kud - Srinagar roadtrip log

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Kud start 8.30am 0
    Batote 9.15am Break fast stop at Sharma Vaishno Dhaba
    Chanderkote 10.15am
    Ramban 10.40am
    Banihal 11.40am
    Jawahar Tunnel 12pm Titnanic View Point
    Qzigund : 12:45 12.45pm Check post. Slip was valid.
    Anantnag 1pm
    Avantipora 1.45pm
    Srinagar : 02:10 2.10pm Stay - Centur Lake View
    TOTAL 5.5hrs 220kms

    Kargil - Leh roadtrip log

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Kargil start 8.30am 0
    Crossed Pashkum 9.15am 13kms Another 3kms,30 min holdup due to GREF work
    Mulbek : 28 kms at 10:35 10.35am 28kms Indian oil pump
    Namik La Road is good till last few kms.
    Kangaral 11.20am 25kms
    Bodhi Karbu 11.50am 10 kms road good, big monastry, yak breading farm
    Fotula @ 13353 ft 12.25.pam 20kms first view of Lamayaru
    Khalste 1.20pm 38kms Ideal for lunch break, restaurants, hospital, petrol pump
    Nurula 1.40pm 14kms Took lunch break. 20 min
    Saspol 2.40pm 23kms .
    Basgo 3.10pm 18kms
    Nimo army area 3.20pm 6kms
    Gurdwara Pathar Sahib 3.35pm 13kms Road very good
    Magnetic hill spent 20 min
    FINALLY LEH(ED) 5.15pm 30kms Checkin at Gwaling Internationl
    TOTAL 8hrs 240kms

    Leh-Pangong roadtrip log

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Leh start 9.30am 0
    Karu 10.20am 37kms After Karu : Permit Checkpost.
    Shakti 10.46am 10kms .
    Zingral 11.50am 21kms
    Chang La 12.20pm 12kms
    Tsoltak 12.50pm 8kms
    Durbuk 1.15.pm 23kms Chekpost : II Permit submission
    Tangsay 1.50pm 18kms
    Lukung : 24kms 14:20 2.20pm 24kms
    Pangong:Spangmik 2.45pm 17kms
    TOTAL 5.5hrs 170kms

    Leh-Nubra roadtrip log

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Leh Start 8.30am 0
    Ganglar 9.15am 23kms
    South Pullu : 12Kms 09:40 9.40am 12kms Permit Checkpost. (Medical / Wet Canteen)
    Kardung La 10.35am 16kms
    North Pulu : 15kms 11:50 ( 11.50am 15kms 15 min stopage due to GREF at work.Hospital/Tea coffee shops
    Khardung 12.20pm 18kms
    Khalsar 1.00pm 13kms
    Diskit 1.40pm 20kms Stay at Holtel Olthang
    TOTAL 5hrs 128kms

    Leh-Sarchu roadtrip log

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Leh Start 7.45am 0
    Upshi 8.40am 65kms After Upshi Toll : Rs 70/- was paid
    Lato 8.50am 8kms
    Rumtse 9.40am 20kms
    Tanglala( 11.00am 28kms from last 15kms before Tanglala till Mori plains
    from the pass is in bad shape. Very bad. Lot of snow.
    Mori Planis 11.45pm 25kms
    Pang 1.10pm 50kms World highest army transit camp @ 15768 fts.
    Good resting place.
    We took lunch break.
    After Pang, road is even worse
    Kanglajal 2.30pm 12kms water crosses here
    Lachlungla 3.15pm 14kms
    Nakila 3.45pm 13kms
    Gata loops 4.20pm 20kms 21 hair pins
    Twing Twing bridge Roads are good after gata loops.
    Sarchu 5.30pm 45kms Stay at Goldrop Swiss tents
    TOTAL 9hrs 280kms

    Sarchu - Manali roadtrip log

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Leh Start 8.15am 0
    Barlacha pass 9.30am 26kms lots of snow
    Zing Zing Bar 10.25am 22kms
    Darcha 11.15am 25kms
    Jespa 11.30am 7kms stay options here
    Keylong 12.05pm 23kms
    Tadi 12.35pm 8kms IOC pump
    Sisu 1.05pm 23kms
    Khoskar 1.40pm 15kms Lunch beak. Started again by 3.40
    Rohtang 5.10pm 20kms Heavy rain, land slide. Stuck again 1.5 hrs.
    Manali 8.00pm 55kms Stay Club mahindra snow peak.
    TOTAL 224kms 11hrs

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