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Trip to SpitiDelhi - Shimla - Chitkul - Nako - Kaza - Chandratal - ManaliTotal No of days - 7Dated - Sept 2015

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Route map Delhi-Shimla-Chitkul-Nako-Kaza-Chandratal-Manali

  • Distance - Delhi to Shimla (360kms)
  • Shimla - Chitkul (250kms)
  • Chitkul - Nako (156kms)
  • Nako to Kaza (112kms)
  • Kaza to Chandratal (88 to Batal + 14 more to Chandratal)
  • Chandratal to Manali (116kms)
  • Manali to Delhi (570kms)

  • Delhi - Shimla(360/7hrs) - Chitkul (220kms/5.5hrs)

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Delhi start 9pm 360kms Reach Shimla at 5am.
    Shimla 07.30am 0
    Kufri 8kms
    Theog 24kms
    Narkhanda 56kms
    Sainj 93kms
    Rampur 125kms
    Jeori 148kms
    Bawanagar 175kms
    Karchcham 208kms
    Baspa dam 221kms
    Sangla 225kms
    Chitkul 7pm 249kms
    TOTAL 10hrs 250kms

    Chitkul - Nako (220kms/5.5hrs)

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Chitkul 10.30am 0
    Rakcham 11kms
    Batseri 18kms
    Sangla 26kms
    Karchham 45kms
    Shontong bridge 55kms
    Powari 58kms After 2kms landslide halt for 2 hrs.
    Road to Recong Peo from here.
    Kassang bridge 66kms
    Alpha bridge 76kms
    Spelo 92kms
    Pooh 117kms Follow course of Sutlej till here,
    6 kms from Pooh, one can see the
    point of confluence of Sutlej
    and Spiti river. Then we follow
    course of Spiti river.
    Ka 138kms
    Nako 7pm 156kms
    TOTAL 5.5hrs 220kms

    Nako - Kaza (116kms/11hrs)

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Nako 9am 0
    Malling nallah 5kms
    Chango 23kms
    Sumdo 37kms
    Hurling 45kms
    Tabo monastery 66kms Tabo bridge after 2kms
    Poh 76kms
    Sichling 88kms
    Lingiti 96kms
    Lidang 101kms The bridge heads to Pin valley
    Kaza 8pm 116kms Kibber is 18kms, and Ki monastery
    is around 6 kms from here.
    TOTAL 11 hrs 116kms

    Kaza - Chandratal(100kms/9.5hrs)

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Kaza 11am 0
    Rangrik 6kms
    Khurik 11kms
    Morang 17kms
    Hull 23kms
    Pongmo 30kms
    Kiato 44kms
    Hansa 48kms
    Losar 60kms Checkpost car papers chkd
    Kunzun la 79kms stupa, chortens etc to be seen
    Chandratal 8.30pm 100kms end here then walk to camps
    TOTAL 9.5 hrs 100kms

    Chandratal - Manali(119kms/11.5hrs)

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Chandratal 0
    Batal 16kms
    Chaltru 33kms
    Gramphoo 51kms
    Rohtang 83kms
    Manali 30kms
    Kiato 119kms
    TOTAL 11.5 hrs 119kms

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