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Snowy ShojaFour day road trip to Shoja from DelhiTotal No of days - 4Dated - Dec 2016

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Route map Delhi - Chandigarh - Mandi - Shoja

  • Day 1 Delhi - Chandigarh - 279kms
  • Day 2 Chandigarh - Mandi (198kms) - Shoja (75kms)

  • Delhi - Chandigarh (289kms/6hrs)

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Delhi start 12:40am 0
    Gulshan dhaba 9am 68kms lunch break for 1hr 15mins
    Toll Karnal Rs 114/- 5pm 85kms
    Ambala toll Rs36/- 198kms
    Chandigarh Hotel Paradise 6:30pm 289kms
    TOTAL 6hrs 289kms

    Chandigarh - Shoja (273kms/11hrs)

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Chandigarh start 7:15am 0 Started from City Paradise hotel. Took tour route Kharali
    Kurali toll 08.05am 30kms
    Blinding fog stretch for 4kms 39kms
    Gharamauna toll Rs 30/- 9:00am 77kms roads are bad here, pot holes, Swarghat road climb
    tea break Swarghat hill top 09:30am 91kms Start at 10:05am
    Bilaspur 11:05am 128kms
    Beri 11:40am 144kms
    After 8kms turn left, the road is bad and unlaid 152kms
    Sundernagar 1:30pm 198kms
    Mandi 208kms Hotel Shingaar, lunch point. Start at 3pm. Fill petrol for Rs 1000/-
    Start at 3pm
    Pandoh 3:20pm 213kms
    Dari 4:30pm 247kms
    Targali 4:45pm 252kms
    Ghibi 5:15pm 264kms
    Banjara resort Shoja 6:15pm 273kms
    TOTAL 11hrs 273kms

    Shoja - Delhi (605kms/15hrs)

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Ghibi start 9:30am 0 Our route Mandi Rewalsar Khalghar Una
    Mandi 12:40pm 75kms
    Tea break at Ghorat 1:20pm 96kms
    Rewalsar 1:40pm 101kms
    Kalghar 2:00pm 107kms turn right
    At Jahu, around 2 kms before turn left to bypass 11:05am 122kms
    Bhamballa 2:25pm 125kms Turn rt to Una. Una is 91kms from here.
    Lunch break 2:45pm 131kms Start at 3:25pm
    Patta 3:40pm 141kms
    Bhandar 4:05pm 160kms
    Barsar 4:25pm 171kms
    Bagana 5pm 191kms turn left from here
    Una 5:30pm 219kms
    Nangal dam 6:10pm 240kms
    Anantpur Sahib 6:40pm 262kms
    Kiratpur toll Rs 55/- 6:50pm 268kms
    Khurali toll Rs 44/- 7:20pm 308kms
    Khurali 7:40pm 318kms
    Toll Rs68/- 8:35pm 369kms
    Gaggar toll Rs 114/- 10:40pm 472kms
    dinner break Neelkanth star for 40kms
    Toll Rs 26/-
    Home 12:40am 605kms
    TOTAL 15hrs 605kms

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