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Rajgarh - Less VisitedDelhi - Nahan - Kumarahatti - RajgarhTotal No of days - 2Dated - August 2016

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Route map - Delhi to Rajgarh


In a nutshell :-

Start - 5am
Reach Rajgarh - 4:30pm
Total kms - 388
Breaks - 1 at Black Mango, Nahan
The First HVK Monsoon Drive was held in August the 20th to Rajgarh. The destination was a secret typical to HVK style. Only the O team and he himself knew the the end to the long drive. Morning we start at 5am and we drive to Nahan, our first pitstop was Black mango restaurant in Kala Amb for breakfast.

The drive was good, somewhere near Sonepat we friends had met up to continue our journey together. The rains were not in sight, its bright and sunny...covering around 250 kms we reach our brunch destination at 10am. By the time everyone was hungry, slowly more and more members started pouring in...the food and the dosti was relished with convoy planning, photographs, general talks, sharing prior travel experiences and so on till 12 pm.

By then the convoys start to move, total 4-5 convoys of 7-8 cars....and we move through the most scenic mountain drives ever. In between the convoy leaders stop at strategic locations for photographs and limb stretchs....Its fun to be a part of a group of like minded friends who share the same interests and are part of an exiciting journey to an unknown location and ofcourse meeting for the first time.....

Made lots of new friends, exchanged mobile numbers, had short talks in between and enjoyed the drive throughly. The monsoon drive, was complete with rains in between in the hills, the winding roads, the dense green valleys and the floating white clouds were mystic and heavenly.

Finally as we near our destination which was Rajgarh, HV Kumar popularly called chief who had been accompanying us from Kala Ambh and the O team take over to parking the cars .....very strategically the cars are parked in the limited space....By 4:30 we reach Mist and Meadows....our stay for the night. A beautiful place located at a height with a beautiful view.

In the next 2 hours the cars are parked, we are served with welcome drinks, tea, coffee, snacks ....Everyone freshes up for the long gossips ahead.....The evening was cool not cold. A light shawl was more than enough, the intro session as well as kids masti formed the highlight of the evening. Dinner was served around 9, and tired some retired to bed, while others still enjoyed around.

The next morning everyone was ready by 8:30, afer breakast we go for a drive to Baru Sahib, then to the meadows around for group photographs. Around 12:30 we disperse and carry on to Nahan from there to Delhi..

Tree plantation in the resort

Drive to badu sahib

Badu Sahib

Cars lineup for photographs

The O team

The rainy drive back

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