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Christmas trip to Tordi & KotaDelhi - Tordi - KotaTotal No of days - 3Dated - December 2016

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Route map

Tordi is a little known place in Rajasthan just around 80 kms from Jaipur in the Tonk district of Rajasthan. Little do we Indians, travel to this quaint little village, but groups of foreign travelers were seen here enjoying themselves. Vinod books the palace rooms for Christmas day, through airbnb.com. The thought of staying in a palace which has witnessed 17 generations, gave goose bumps, although Vinod warned us of five star facilities.

Lunch break

The route after malpura toll

Around 4pm we reach the palace. Not the extravagant palaces that we usually see in Jodhpur and Udaipur. Still an imposing structure, quite old but well maintained in the rural backdrop of a small village with sand dunes and tordi sagar lake.There are 24 traditionally decorated rooms, just bare facilities as they have maintained it in the heritage charm. The rooms are traditional, haveli finished. Bathrooms are ok. Room facilities minimum as it is managed by the local boys and food is good. Some pics of the palace.

The entry gate

We stayed here

Other buildings are under renovation

Vinod having a talk with Bh. Siddharth Singh

After freshening up we take to the sand dunes, its vast, and totally a quiet spot to be. One can have a walk climbing one dune and other, or just chill with some cold beer. The sunset was amazing from here.

I am climbing

Views of the dunes

The zoom in view of Tordi fort

Then we went to the the fairly huge tordi sagar, the life line of agriculture support to the village.

Dinner was vegetarian. Food is good, the legacy of the kings are well expressed in each floor with photographs, antique furniture and curios. Rooms have been given a traditional finish, the facilities and fixtures are basic. The royal blood Siddhart Singh is a perfect host, and greets everyone with warmth and love. He personally looks into your comfort, and is too humble. He was the star of the evening as he gave insights to the history of the palace. The Tordi fort is perched on a hill and requires a good 30 min trek to reach. Due to time constraint we could not do it, but the fort commands an impressive view from the terrace of the palace.

Kr. Rajendra Singh

Inside the palace

The next morning we check out to our onward journey to Kota. We take the route suggested by the prince and stop to see Hadi rani ka kund, a beautiful stepwell. Then we pass through Bisalpur dam, Gokarneshwar temple and Pipaji temple to reach Rajmahal. From there to Gardia mahadev and then to Kota.

Road to Toda Rai Singh around 20kms

Then gets better

Toda Rai Singh from here turn to Hadi Rani Kund

Pics of Hadi Rani ka Kund

Gokarneshwar temple

Bisalpur dam

Pipaji temple

The roads here are bad

Views enroute rajmahal

Lunch break after Kishorpura toll

Garadia mahadev temple


To be continued Kota - Ujjain

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