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The weekend trip to AlsisarDelhi - AlsisarTotal No of days - 2Dated - June 2017

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Alsisar mahal
  • Distance - approx 230kms
  • No of Days - 2
  • Route - its a traffic route , a drive of nearly 6 hours, so start early morning.

  • Alsisar is located in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. Its a imposing Mahal built in the 17th century and undoubtedly one of the well maintained ones. The drive is uneventful as you take the usual traffic route via Jhajjar Loharu and Pilani to reach Alsisar.

    As we drive through the village to the huge gated complex thick and curly moustached guards welcome you and guide you to the parking space. The clean and painted walls catch your attention as you drive into the parking area which is sufficient as there were hardly a few cars around.

    The parking

    The reception gives you a real taste of the rajasthani royalty, the beautiful painted interiors and plush sofas were a treat to be in. The deluxe rooms are very huge with tastefully done interiors but the acs were not switched on so the rooms were sizzling hot, as it took quite a long time before the huge room was cooled.


    The interior

    The evening walk around itself was experience, The sunset and the view around from the terrace is imposing. The collections of the Thakurs are tastefully displayed, and the friendly staff takes you around describing each and every detail.

    The next to mention is the food, very tastefully made and served with such love that more that the stomach it fills your heart. The laal maas was one of the best I had till now. Since the guests were few, only alacarte was served.

    The dining hall

    The next morning we drive around to find some sand dunes. There are some havelis, step-wells, and cenotaphs to see around. Black bucks can be seen roaming around the dunes. The hotel guys arrange a jeep safari into the dunes., but its always more impressive to take your 4x4 and explore the place on your own.

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