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Road trip to NepalPlaces seen Pokhra Nagarkot Bhaktapur Katmandu ChitwanTotal No of days - 9Dated - May 2018

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Indo Nepal Road trip

5 familes who are the "Guhmi group" plan an out of India drive just spontaneously over dinner one evening. Quick info, experiences, feedback and more collected and everything gets finalised with the help of a friend in Kathmandu. So our team of 15 members the oldest being 52 and youngest 1 year get ready for the 9 day journey to the beautiful country of Nepal. The entry was through Banbassa and return by Sanauli.

  • Route & Stay plan
    Day 1 Delhi - Banbassa (enter Nepal) - Kohalpur (Stay at Central Plaza hotel)
    Day 2 Kohalpur - Pokhara (Stay in temple tree)
    Day 3 Pokhra (Sightseeing)
    Day 4 Nagarkot (Stay at Bangeri Durbar)
    Day 5 Nagarkot - Bhaktapur - Kathmandu (Stay in Hotel Manaslu)
    Day 6 Kathmandu - Flight to Everest & Pasupatinath
    Day 7 Kathmandu - Darechok (Stay in Riverside Springs Resort)
    Day 8 Darechok - Sanauli - Lucknow(Stay at Hotel Vista Residency)
    Day 9 Lucknow - Delhi

  • Total Distance - 2500+kms
  • Total Duration - 9 days
  • Vehicle - Total 5 vehicles, 2 safaris, 1 Thar, 1 Ertiga and ours Santafe
  • Trip done in May 2018

  • Route map

    The Ghumi Group

    Day 1 (26th may 2018)

    Total distance - 750kms
    Time taken - 16hrs
    Delhi - Kohalpur. Stay at Hotel Central Plaza.

  • Start at 4am. First break at Shiv dhaba abd then at McD at 7am.
  • Toll at Niyamatpur Ekrotia at 8:45 of Rs 115/-
  • Nawabganjat 10:15
  • Toll of Rs 120
  • Enter Uttarakhand around 11:45
  • Lunch break 2 kms before Banbassa. Entry is only after 2pm, lunch break
  • Entry charges are levied of Rs 40/-
  • Before the Sharda barrage the car RC is checked with the entry charge slip. RC, owner, car name, address, no of passengers, male/female, carmake etc are all noted down.
  • The Sharada cannal is very narrow, one car can cross at a time. After the cannal the handbags and luggage are checked. Further at Gaddachauki Kanchanpur police checkpost the ids are checked.
  • At the Kanchanpur customs office all the details are checked and at the traffic checkpost point the DLs are checked and a temporary number is allotted for the car.
  • Municipal fee of Rs 50 per car.
  • Pass Shuklaphanta national park at 4:45. There are numerous checkpost in between where the papers are checked. The speed limit of the national park is 40km.
  • Bani 5:10
  • Ghisapani cross karnali bridge at 7:10
  • Ghats roads start
  • Cross Bardia National park at 7:15. Drive at 40 kms speed, there are 4 checkposts here and one can spot wildlife crossing the road if lucky.
  • Central plaza hotel at 10pm

  • Morning tea at Shiv dhaba
    shiv dhaba

    Lunch break
    lunch break nepal border

    The checkpost entry
    banbassa nepal border drive

    indo nepal roadtrip

    Sharda barrage
    delhi nepal road drive

    nepal border crossing

    The vehicles, luggage and people frisked
    nepal entry checkpost

    Police checkpost ahead
    car drive nepal border entry

    Border cross
    border cross to nepal in car

    Mahendra Rajamarg
    india nepal road trip

    delhi nepal drive

    Documents check at Bhimdatta
    india nepal by road

    documents reqd india nepal road trip

    Neulapur took teabreak and had kothe momos
    nepal drive tea break

    Reach Central plaza hotel
    Kohalpur Delhi kms

    Day 2 (27th may 2018)

    Kohalpur - Pokhara. Stay at Temple tree Resort & Spa
    Distance - 400kms
    Time - 10hrs

    Morning had breakfast and started around 9. Took an Ncell connection from a nearby shop. Documents reqd are passport and photo. 2 sims 15GB for 30 days for Rs 799 NPR. The roads winds through ghats, patched roads, passed Kapilvastu enroute. At Bhutwal we stop at Galaxy cafe for lunch. It was a good place and food too was good.

    At Bhutwal
    Drive to Bhutwal Nepal

    Lunch break at Galaxy Cafe
    Bhutwal road trip lunch break

    India nepal lunch break Bhutwal

    From here we climb to Palpa, roads are bad, winding roads, scenic beautiful drive, and it started raining inbetween.

    Delhi Nepal drive

    Delhi to Pokhra roadtrip

    Delhi Pokhra distnace kms

    By 9:30 we reach Temple tree, our stay for the next 2 days.

    Temple tree pokhra drive stay

    Day 3 (28th may 2018)

    In Pokhra
    PHEWA lake boating, temple and explore the markets.
    Morning have breakfast at Temple tree and walk around to the market. There are a whole lot of adventure activities and treks here. Bustling with activity, it takes a while for the markets to open up. Some phoographs of Pokhra


    Breakfast at Pokhra Temple tree resort
    Boating to the temple
    boating in Pokhra sightseeing pokhra

    what to see pokhra

    boating in pokhra

    The temple
    temple in pokhra nepal road trip

    pokhra nepal sightseeing

    delhi pokhra drive in 9 days

    markets in pokhra nepal

    shopping in pokhra nepal

    shps in pokhra nepal

    Lunch break
    lunch cafe Italian Pokhra Nepal

    hotels in pokhra

    popular treks in pokhra

    treks live departure board

    Gurkha beer
    gurkha beer pokhra nepal

    Day 4 (29th may 2018)

    Distance around 12kms
    Visit Sarangot viewpoint. Lunch at Crazy Gheko. Evening markets roam

    Sarangot - outskirts of Pokhara city, fabulous views of the Fewa Lake, Seti river and surrounding valley, and of course, the snow-clad peaks. Also the spot for paragliding. Greatest views of the Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhare, Annapurna to Lamjung. There is a cafe where you can get tea and snacks. Rs 50 per person entry. Best time to visit early morning. There are quite a good lot of steps to the top. At the top there are watch towers for viewing. Parking is there. There is a shop near the parking where we get hand woven shawls and stoles made by the local people.

    Way to Sarangot
    roadtrip to Sarangkot Pokhra

    Climb to the Viewpoint
    sarangot viewpoint drive

    drive to sarangkot Pokhra Nepal

    Views of Himalayas from sarangkot

    misty views at sarangkot

    Lunch at Crazy Gecko...an awesome place
    Lunch at Crazy Gecko Pokhra

    Pokhra restaurants

    lunch at Pokhra drive India Pokhra

    Crazy gecko lunch break

    Lunch pokhra

    Irresistable food
    Lunch break Pokhra

    Food shopping pokhra

    Evening shopping in the markets of Pokhra
    shopping pokhra

    delhi pokhra road trip

    drive around pokhra

    Trekking tours
    trekking tours pokhra

    Day 5 (30th may 2018)

    Distance - 230kms
    Time around 10 hrs

    Drive from Temple tree to Bangeri durbar in Nagarkot. Big rooms and excellent view. The food was also good. There have a good parking also. Enroute visit Buddha statue. The roads are bad. Nagarkot is a place from where you can see the Mt. Everest. But since it was cloudy so we could not have any views from our place either.

    Somewhere near Byas
    Road trip Delhi Pokhra nagarkot

    drive Benighat Nepal

    drive delhi pokhra bhaktapur

    indo nepal drive changunarayan

    drive to changunarayan nepal

    drive manamanjushree

    road trip delhi pokhra nagarkot

    buddha statue at Mahamanjushree

    buddha statue nepal

    Our stay Bangeri Durbar
    drive delhi nagarkot

    stay bangeri durbar nagarkot nepal

    Day 6 (31st may 2018)

    Distance - 32kms via Bhaktapur Durbar square
    Morning walk have tea from the local stall. The grass had leeches. Check out of Bangeri darbar after breakfast and reach Hotel Manslu in Kathmandu. Here we visit Durbar square enroute and then check in hotel. Evening visit Pasupatinath temple.

    Bangeri durbar
    stay bangeri durbar nagarkot

    Early morning walk
    morning walk nagarkot nepal

    View from hotel
    himalaya views from nagarkot

    nagarkot hill station nepal

    Durbar square - Kathmandu Durbar Square is one of the UNESCO World Heritage. Paid 1000 nepali rupees to get into Durbar Square. Conservation work at Durbur Square began in 2000. Kathmandu's Durbar Square was built between the twelfth and eighteenth centuries by the Malla kings and, to this day, remains the focal point of the city. symbiosis of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tantrism. Durbar Square was a part of Nepal's Royal Palace until 1896. With several buildings over one thousand years old and many others dating from the 15th and 16th centuries that were in turn built over other buildings from the 7th century. It's a treasure trove of history and culture. Historians say Kathmandu Durbar Square was the place where two towns met during the Licchavi period and traded. Durbar Square remained "royal" until the monarchy moved to the Royal Palace in Naryansthan. Then when the monarchy ceased the area became a public square. Some pics

    drive India Nepal Bhaktapur

    Durbar square entry fees

    road trip delhi bhaktapur

    durbar square nepal

    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    Reach Hotel Mansalu
    durbar square bhaktapur

    durbar square bhaktapur

    Visit Pasupatinath temple
    Pasupatinath temple visit

    Day 7 (1st june 2018)

    Took the Mt Everest flight early morning. Shopping in Kathmandu
    Afternoon drive to Darechok. Stay in Riverside Springs Resort
    Distance - 105kms. Time 4hrs

    Since we were not going to climb or trek to Mt. Everest our only alternative while in Nepal was a fly by. We flew on Yeti Airlines booking the earliest possible time since weather is usually a problem as the day goes on. Our flight was delayed for several hours but then a window opened and we were off. Every passenger (32) had a window seat and was allowed into the cockpit for a pilots eye view. They served champagne midway through the flight and got great views of Everest and the Himalayas.

    Then we check out of Mansalu and do a bit of shopping in the markets of Kathmandu. From here we drive to Kathmandu Darechok. Stay at River Springs resort. The best thing in this place is its swimming pool. They have a fresh spring water in the pool. The service is awful. The food - OK. The resort and its premises are very scenic. Located right by the river Trishuli. The pool also has a bar which makes it all the more fun. Sipping cocktails in the pool while enjoying the beautiful views around you makes for the perfect getaway!

    The Yeti flight journey
    yeti flight to Mt everest

    Tribhuvan Airport
    tribhuvan airport

    The flight was a bit delayed due to bad weather
    tribhuvan airport wait for everest flight

    The bus
    everest flight

    And the flight!!!
    everest flight to everest and manaslu

    yeti fligh to everest

    roadtrip to kathmandu

    flight to everest from Kathmandu

    yeti airlines flight to kathmandu

    Mt Everest
    mt everest views from flight

    flight to manaslu mt everest from kathmandu

    mt everest flight views

    views of mt everest from flight

    mt everest flight details

    shopping markets kathmandu

    River Springs resort
    river springs resort near chitwan national park

    river springs resort stay

    river springs resort

    river springs resort

    river springs resort photos

    Day 8 (2nd June)

    Darechok - Sonauli - Lucknow. Stay at Oyo Hotel Vista Residency
    Distance - 500kms
    Time - 10+ hrs
    Somewhere near Bharatpur
    drive darechok to sonauli lucknow

    drive nepal to lucknow

    Sonauli border
    return sonauli border

    Sonauli exit nepal to india

    entry india nepal border

    The permit papers were checked and taken
    entry to nepal from india papers and permits

    documents required to drive to nepal

    india nepal border crossing documents by car

    india to nepal by road documents reqd

    Reached Oyo Vista residency Lucknow by evening and head to Dastarkhawn for dinner
    sanauli lucknow drive

    Day 9 (3rd June)

    Lucknow - Delhi Distance 55kms. Time 8 hrs
    Morning shopping and visit Royal cafe and drive back to Delhi

    Checked out
    lucknow delhi drive

    At Royal cafe
    chat lucknow

    eateries lucknow

    what to eat in lucknow

    lucknow dine out

    india nepal drive exit lucknow

    And finally the end of a Memorable trip...........



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