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Beach ridesMukka beach, Chitrapur beach & HejamadyTotal No of days - 2Dated - June 2014

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Mukka beach
Our venture out Saturday.....the ever changing Mukka beach. 26 kms from Mlore, 20 kms on NH 66 towards Udipi, get down at Mukka bus stop and take the road going in after the bus stop. Exactly after a km turn right and continue the road ends. Here, take the mud road on the left and keep travelling straight until you hit the beach. There is a direct bus (bus number 2A) from State bank bus station, Mangalore to a place called Sasihitlu, the beach is 2 kilometres trek from here.

The face of the beach changes every time I have been to this place. There are islands that appears and disappears with the tides. This time an extension of Hejamady beach had appeared in to the sea separating the river and the sea but not the point of rendezvous. Calm pulsating river and the violent Arabian sea, the view was amazing. An ideal spot for picnics.

Chitrapur beach
The beautifully submerged Chitrapur beach. Take any bus to Udupi and get down at Karnad bypass stop. Take the road going inside from here, ask for Chitrapur beach or Caribbean resort. Alternatively after you get down from the bus, you can walk towards the petrol pump on NH 66. Before the pump you will get a road to the left, this will lead you to the other side of Chitrapur. This road will also take you to Surf Ashram, a resort where you can learn surfing, quite a few celebrities come here during season for surfing.

Continue on the road after Caribbean resort upto the point where the road turns sharp left. Here you will get to see a place to rest and adjacent to it a clearing through the bush. This is the only way to the beach, we explored the for another entry point but there are none. Caribbean resort charges Rs.100 for entry.

If you go visiting Chitrapur then be mentally prepared to get wet!! You will have to wade through waist deep water before you can hit the beach.

By the time we reached this place, the tide was high and we couldn't visit the submerged beach.....

On the way to Udupi, get down at Bittu Da Dhaba. Food is good and the lassi served here is a must try. The road to Hejamady is 20 meters ahead of the dhaba to the left side. Travel on this road until it reaches a junction. Take the sharp left turn and a right turn after 50 meters from the junction, landmark for the right turn- "Call Me" mobile phone shop. Stay on this road for 3 kms approx before the next right turn. Its advisable to check with the locals for the correct route.

Vehicles can be parked at the boat jetty, there is no proper entry to the beach but may have to take the way through rocks. Ideal time to visit this place is mornings or evenings because one will have to trek on sand dunes & creepers before hitting the beach.

There are buses lots of buses that ply to Hejamady, ensure that you inform the driver to inform you where to get down for the beach. A trek cannot be avoided and carry lots of drinking water.

This is the newly formed extension of the beach. During high tide, waves sweep through this part of the beach. Shallow river is good to play however avoid going in deep because of strong currents. The sea is deep and rough, to enjoy this place just sit on the beach and absorb the beauty. Don't get scared if tiny crabs comes checking on you or a flock of seagulls lands very close to you..........

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