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Tirupati Balaji DarshanBangalore - TirupatiTotal No of days - 2Dated - June 2016

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Road trip log Bangalore - Tirupati

A eve at Tirupati Balaji temple

At last everything materialised for the darshan of Lord Venkateshwara. The process started with bookings, for the darshan online. We book the Rs.300, tickets online. This is said to be fastest, and has less of a queue waiting. One can even book it 1 day before or 14 days before. We preffered the 3pm slot, next we tried booking a room in Tirumala, but it was not available. For the entire June and till July 10th no rooms available. Next option was to stay in Tirupati, booked room in Vishnu Nivas.

  • Location of Vishnu Niwas - Opp Railway station
  • Rooms - neat, basic facilities, carry towel and soaps for bath.
  • Only one room for one login is possible
  • AC room was Rs 800/- and a deposit of Rs 800/- which was given back at the time of check-out
  • Food is available in the ground floor. Pick up Handloom dhotis, sarees etc from AP Handloom centre or artifacts from Lepakshi.
  • Dress code - was kurta pyjama for men and suit or sarees for women, dupatta, stole is must.
  • No flowers in hair as all flowers are only for the lord.

  • After lunch we climb Tirumala, our vehicles are throughly checked, we are frisked and entry charge of Rs 30/- or so is paid. Being one way the climb is although steep but comfortable. Nearly 23 kms, we reach a well planned city, but at first everything appears confusing.

    Parking is full everywhere. Though well marked, everything appears confusing, so we take the help of the policemen who guides us. With a bit difficulty we find a parking space, park and make it to the queue. We walk quite a lot to enter a room where we have to show our ID cards further we stand in a queue. The queue slowly moves forward, till we are seated in a room. From there we are taken to a pathway and slowly the queue meanders over steps, alleys, narrow bridges and joins other queues near the temple. Once more we are passed through metal detectors and with the glorifying chat of "Govinda Govinda" at each step we reach the temple. The atmosphere is electrifying, just chants to be heard, loud and loud they prompt you to chant. The security and staff are relentlessly managing the crowd, and have to be thanked. After 3 and a half hour queue we finally have the darshan of the Lord. No words to express the feel just tears of devotion and total surrender at thy feet. After a few mins of silent solitude in the premises we are pushed out by the crowd. Cooked rice is given as prasad.

    We take it and come out. The ringing bells echo the sorroundings, the chant is in the air. The unique vibration of the place is best soaked in a corner in solitude. While the rest go to pick up ladoos from the counter, I prefer to seat myself in silent contemplation. Its hot, humid and everyone is tired and hungry. We find our way back after asking the security guards. At last we reach the entry gates, drink a cup of hot tea with biscuits.

    The drive back was one of the most beautiful ones ever. The entire lighted Tirupati city could be seen. The winding roads, had nearly 32 hair pins. Govinda Govinda.....

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