Now famous as Allahabad, the holy city of Prayag is the confluence of the two holiest rivers of India – Ganga, Yamuna and a mythical third called Saraswati. Legend has it that this is the site of a famous sacrifice to Lord Brahma. A dip at this 'Sangam'(confluence) frees a Hindu from the relentless cycle of births and deaths. It is also the site for the famous "Kumbh Mela". The glorious history of the Kumbh fair is associated with mythology and a typical arrangement of planets. The mega even is considered to be the sacred and the most greatest of Indian festivals.

The fair sprawled over acres of land is marked by the presence of Saints from various orders called "akhadas", representing Vaishnava, Shaiva, Shakti and Naga cult. The earlier settlements of the Aryans were established in this city, then known as Prayag”. All sins are cleaned with entry in Prayag ( the ancient name of modern time Allahabad) PRAYAG is one of the historic and mythological cities of India with glorious past and present.

  • Ayodhya

  • Jhansi

  • Mathura/Vrindavan

  • Chitrakoot

The best time to visit Karnataka is during the months of November to March.

Summers ie March to June is very hot as temp soars to 45 degrees, Monsoons are from July to September where intermittently showers are preovide some relief to the scorching heat. Winters from Nov to Feb are the best time but it could be chilly when temperature falls to 10 degrees.
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Best time to visit Allahabad
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Triveni Sangam

Around 7 km from Civil Lines the point where the brown Ganges meets the Greenish Yamuna, pandas (priests) perch on small platforms to perform puja and assist the devout in their ritual ablutions in the shallow waters. Beaches and ghats are littered with pilgrims who come to offer pind for their deceased parents. The holy Sangam is the site for Annual Magha Mela/Ardh Kumbh/Kumbh Mela.

Patalpurni temple
This underground temple is situated in the outer part of the fort and houses the icons of deities.

Lord Hanuman temple
Near the Sangham this temple is unique for its huge idol of Hanuman a few ft below the ground. The temple is popularly known as Bade Hanumanji. When the Ganga is spate the temple gets submerged.

Shankar Vimana Mandapam
Near the fort and Lord Hanuman temple at the bund area is this 130ft high temple which has 4 floors built in a South Indian style. The idols of Kumaril Bhatt, Jagatguru Adi Shankaracharya, Kamakshi Devi, Tirupati Balaji and Yogashastra Sahasrayoga linga. The temple is surrounded by many other temples such as Sri Ramanandacharya Math, Laxmi-Narayan temple, Radha Krishna Gopal temple, Triveni temple, Jagdish Bhavan temple, Gaddi Surdas, Deverha Baba Ashram, etc

Saraswati ghat - Nehru Ghat
Saraswati ghat on the bank of River Yamuna is an old ghat while nearby modern Nehru ghat is an ideal picnic spot which is under the control of the army. The boats for Sangam are also available here.

Mankameshvar Temple
The ancient Lord Shiva Temple is picturesquely located near saraswati ghat on the bank of Yamuna.

Dashashwamedha temple
It is situated on the banks of Ganga and Lord Bhrama is believed to have performed Ashwamedha here. Mahadev, idols of Nandi, Sheshnag and a big trishul enshrine the temple. A marble statue bearing the footprint of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is also seen here.

Alopi Devi temple
In front of the Shankaracharya ashram in Alopibagh locality this Sidhpeeth is unique in having a wooden jhoola above a platform with a small kund and is worshipped.

Madan Mohan Malviya Park
The park is located near the Mankameshwar temple. The white stone memorial of a four lioned symbol symbolizes the famous decleration of Queen Victoria read out here in 1858 November 1st by Lord Canning.

Chandra Shekar Azad Park
The park is dedicated to the martyr who laid down his life fighting the British forces. His statue is also installed here.
Archeological museum
This rich museum is run by the Department of Ancient History, Culture & Archeology within the premises of Allahabad university. Antique artifacts, fossils, statues, excavation works of Kaushambi & Belan Ghati are major attractions here.

Located at the edge of the Chandra Shekar Azad Park is the museum which was established in 1931. It has an excellent collection of terra cotta artifacts and other rare articles. The valuable collections of the museum include the famed pistol of Chandra Shekar Azad, the vehicle that carried Mahatma Gandhi's ashes to Sangam, manuscripts, books etc donated by Jawaharlal Nehru etc. Open from 10 am to 5 pm. It is closed on Mondays , and every Sunday following second Saturday of the month. Ph 2408690.

Public Library
Within the Chandra Shekhar Azad's park premises is the oldest library of the city which houses a large number of rare books, manuscripts and journals. It was established in 1864. Open from 10.00am to 5.00 pm. Closed on thursdays. Tel 2600581

Boat Club/Water Sports Complex
Located near the new hanging bridge of Yamuna and Triveni Darshan hotel at the Yamuna bank road, it is good site for water adventure sports. Scuba diving, Water scooter, Paddle canoe, kayak motor speed boats, para sailing etc are done here. You can also go to the sangam by the motor boat from here. Contact Boat Club Officer 0532 2407289, 9415495674
Akshaya vat
The fort here was built by Akbar in 1583 A.D on the banks of river Yamuna, close to the Sangam is presently used by army and only a limited area is open for visitors. The outer wall of the fort is intact and rises quiet high. Inside the fort you can see the Immortal Banyan tree called Akshaya vat, the 10.6 m high sandstone Ashokan pillar as old as 232 B.C having several rare edicts, the Saraswati coop, The Palace of Jodhabai etc. Permission is needed from the Commandant, Ordinance Depot, Fort (Tel 2504735, 36, 2506203) to visit these places.
Swaraj Bhavan, Anand Bhavan & Planetarium
Just opposite t Bharadwaj ashram is the Swaraj Bhavan which was donated by Pt Motilal Nehru to the nation in 1930. It was used as the headquarters of Congress  Committee. Former Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi was born here, Now it houses a museum. Open 9.30 am to 5.30pm. Closed on Monday. Entry ticket is Rs5/-. There is a light and sound show too.

Adjacent to Anand Bhavan which was the ancesteral home of the Nehru family. Today it has been turned into a fine museum. Many momentous decisions and events related to the freedom struggle took place here. Open from 10am to 5 pm. Closed on Mondays. Entry Ticket is Rs 5/-.

Next to Anand Bhavan is Jawahar Planetarium that takes one on a celestial journey which makes the eyes twinkle like stars. Open 11 am to 4 pm. Entry ticket is Rs 20/-. Monday closed.
Associated with Sage Bharadwaj is the renowned religious place. During the time of Sage Bharadwaj it was a famous educational centre. It is believed that Lord Rama visited this place with Sita and Lakshman on their way to Chitrakoot during the exile. At present there are temples of Bharadwajeshwar Mahadeva, Sage Bharadwaj, Teertharaj Prayag etc.
How to reach Allahabad
Air - The nearest airport is Bamrauli 16 kms away, daily flights for Delhi is available. Another nearest airport is at Babatpur, Varanasi 147 kms.
Rail - Allahabad is well connected by trains to all major cities of India
Road - NH2 and NH27 connects Allahabad. Some important distances are
Varanasi - 125 kms
Sarnath - 135 kms
Chitrakoot - 137 kms
Ayodhya - 167 kms
Kanpur - 193 kms
Lucknow 204 kms
Khajuraho - 294 kms
Patna - 368 kms'Jhansi - 375 kms
Agra - 433 kms
Bhopal - 680 kms
Delhi - 665 kms
Jhunsi (9kms)
Once known as Pratishthanpuri, today's Jhunsi is across the river Ganga. Places of interest include the ruins of fort Ulta kila, Lord Hanuman temple, Samudra Koop, Majar of Sheikh Taki, Dayaram Kot, Ved Vyas ashram, Hans Tirtha, Gangoli ka Shivala, Sankeertan Bhavan, Parmarth Ashram, Ganga-Yamuna Saraswati ashram, Teekermafi ashram, Kriyayog sansthan, Yogi tree, G.B Pant Social Science Institute (houses the Manav Vikas Sanghralaya - Museum of Ethnography & Socio Economic Development and worth visiting galleries Tel 2569206-04), Harish Chandra Research Institute (at Chhatnag Tel - 2569509), Geo Magnetic Research Laboratory (at Chhatnag Tel 2567134)

Arail(11 kms)
Across the river Yamuna, Arail is a prominent religious centre. It is known in olden times as Alarkpuri. Someshwar temple, Chakramadhav temple, Adiveni Madhav temple, Narisingh temple, Vallabhacharyaji ki Baithak, Falahari Baba Ashram, Sachcha Baba Ashram, Lalitha Devi temple, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Ashram, Shri Bala Tripur Sundri Temple and 108 ft high magnificient pillar Triveni Pushpa are places worth visiting.

Shringaverpur (40 kms)
Located on the Allahabad-Lucknow highway, Shringaverpur dham is referred in the scriptures. Due to its closed association with Lord Ram the place has got sanctity. The excavation here proved the antiquity of the place. It is said to be once the kingdo Nishadraj. There is a platform on the bank of river Ganga, Ramachaura believed to be the place where Lord Ram stayed overnight while proceeding to his exile and where his feet were washed by Nishadraj before taking him in his boat to Prayag. Temples around Shringaverpur ghat - Ram Chaura ghat - Bhairav ghat and the excavation site are the attractions here.

Sitamarhi (57 kms)
On the bank of the Ganga, Sitamarhi is believed to be the place where Sita lived during her exile and later on went into the lap of nature Earth. Worth seeing attraction here is a temple complex cum ideal picnic site which houses a tall statue of Lord Hanuman. Valmiki temple, Lord Shiva temple, Cave temples, Mother Sita Temple depicting beautifully and touchingly her going into the lap of Mother Earth. There is a fine lake where boating facility facility is available. A guest house is also here with all modern facilities.

Kaushambi (60 kms)
Once the capital of the old Vatsa kingdom, ruled by King Udayan, Kaushambhi is a famous centre of Buddhism and Jainism. Lord Buddha is said to have delivered several discourses here. The sixth Jain Tirthankar Lord Padma Prabhu was born here. BesidesLord Mahavir Swami sojourned and meditated here for a considerable period. Kaushmabhi has alos been associated with Kwaja Karak Shah, Saint Maluk Das & Naga Saints. Ashokan pillar, Ghosita Ram Vihar, Syen Chiti, a ruined palace and some archeological remains are the major attractions. There is a Digambhar Jan temple.

Kara dam (57 kms)
On the banks of Ganga there is a famous temple of Kara Devi. It was once the provincial capital of Mughals and its ruins extend 3.5 kms along the Ganga. Kara devi temple, Samadhi of Sant Maluk das, mound of jai Chand's fort, Jama Masjid, Kshetrapal Bhairav temple, Hanuman temple, Kaleshwar Mahadev temple etc are other places to see here.
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