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Attractions in Rajasthan
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The Palace on Wheels is one of the world's most exicting journeys as much for the train and the facilities provided on board as for the royal destinations it proceeds to every single day. With everything taken care of dining, accomodation, sightseeing as well as organised shopping there is nothing for the traveller to do but seep in the history of the land soak in its colours and experience the royal life of a Maharaja.

India is one of the first places to gain from the railways. There is simply no better way to see Rajasthan than by rail. Each destination is convenientlt connected with each other and the countryside outside offers a glimpse of the Rajasthan most visitors never get a experience of. The railways bring back the romance of travel, allowing you to experience the people who actually experience the people who actually make up the land.

It may not be historic but it wears the patina of history lightly its inspiration clearly the past. Had the Maharajas still be able to it is just such a train they would have ordered. It stands on its tracks, a gleaming sealed carriage every bit is royal as the original and perhaps more. The airconditioning works silently . Tn all there are 14 saloons each equipped with  two twin bedded and two double bedded chambers with attached baths that have running hot and cold water and showers.
Palace on Wheels
A Royal Journey through the sands of Rajasthan

Wildlife in Rajasthan
Wildlife is rich including tigers, deers, rhesus monkeys, reptiles including the python and a profusion of bird life that includes water birds.

Suggested tour itineries of Rajasthan
It is extremely difficult to plan sightseeing in Rajasthan since there is so much to see all round.

Places to visit in Rajasthan
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Palace on Wheels
The modcons have been thoughtfully provided, sofas to sink into strategically placed lights to read by, wonderfully appointed beds with comfortable furnishings, inbuilt wardrobes for storage of one's clothes and bags and huge glass windows to watch the countryside roll past. Outside the bedrooms each coach also has a seating longue where passengers can get together just sit watch the cities as they glide past outside the windows or enjoy a quiet cup of tea. An attached pantry with each saloon helps provide beverages and refreshments to the accompaniment of sooting, piped music. Should you seek company there is the comfortable bar cum lounge where you can relax over your favourite drink burrow in a book or converse with co-passengers.

Attached to it are two restaurant cars Maharaja and Maharani respectively with opulently draped curtains exquisitely crafted lights and table settings that would do a modern city restaurant proud. Here accompanying chefs serve up a choice of Indian, Rajasthani, continental, Chinese cusines.

The train chugs out of Delhi Cantonment on a week long runthrough Rajasthan every Wednesday night with a trip also inbuilt to Agra and the Taj Mahal. Turban wearing attendants take over from the moment you arrive at the platform assigning you your coupes and detailing all the facilities that are on board. The train moves at night and arrives each morning at a nhew destination where new experiences await you. If you are a early riser you can see the sun rise over the horizon of the desert.