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Wildlife Parks in Jharkhand
Jharkhand has a rich wildlife. Lets know more about them.

Betla National Park
Nestled in the Deccan Plateau of the Chotanagpur province the 226 sq. kms Betla Park and the adjoining 1026 sq kms Palamau Tiger Reserve is one of the most beautiful site  with biologically diverse habitats of the elusive striped cat - the tiger besides being home to chital, gaur, sloth bear, elephant, mouse deer, pangolin, four horned antelope - in all 47 species of mammals, 174 species of birds and some 970 species of flora.

Watered by three rivers Burhaghagh, Auranga and North Koel and over looked by the 16th century Chero king Raja Medini's Fort ruins, the park provides not only an enchanting tryst with wildlife but nature's amazing bounty like the highest falls (468 ft) in the state Lodh Fall, smaller but as enchanting Sugabandh and Mirchaiya Waterfalls ass within driving distance.

Best time to visit - October - April
Entry on ticket, bus, car and jeep facilities are available
Stay - Forest Rest Houses at Betla, Kerh, Maromar and Mundu, Baresand, Barwadih.
Nearest airport - Ranch 165 kms
Nearest Railway station - Barwadih 15 kms and Daltongaj 25 kms.

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Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary
Home to sambhar, spotted dear, bison, rabbit, wolf and the tiger, this sanctuary with its thick Sal trees and orange balsams is extremely picturesque. At night smell the fragrance of wet eucalyptus leaves and in the morning wake up to the joyful chirping of birds. No electricity, pure nature. While in the area visit Hararibagh lake in the city of thousand gardens or drive up to Canary Hill studded with three lakes and a well laid out park. From here make way across the River Barokar to the mersmerising Tilaiya Dam and its whispering island which houses the Jungle Crocodile Project.

Best time to visit - October - April
Entry On ticket Bus, car and jeep services are available
Stay - At Canary hill forest rest house. At Hazaribagh town you can stay at Hotel Green Park (Tel -06546 2226733) and Hotel Aranya Vihar run by JTDC (06546 2227731). For Tilaiya Dam stay at Urwan Tourist Complex.
Nearest Airport - Ranchi 90 kms
Railway Station Koderma 60 kms

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary
Home to wild elephants, peacocks, barking deer, sloth bears, leopards, tigers, porcupines and the giant red squirrels, Dalma lies in the catchment area of River Subarnarekha stretching over 193 sq kms of high hills, deep valleys and open fields. With an average temp below 30 C and the easy availability of water in summer, the park is a haven for wild animals. The park also offers some excellent nature trails for trekkers.

Best time to visit - September - April
Entry - On ticket
Stay - Forest Rest House, Dalma Top or at Jamshedpur 36 kms away
Nearest Airport - Ranch 110 kms
Railway station - Tatanagar 12 kms.

Topchanchi Bird Sanctuary
Situated 37 kms from the mining town of Dhanbad, the 625 sq km Topchanchi Lake sorrounded by hills, forests and adjoining Maithan Dam and Panchet Dam on the river Damodar is the avian paradise of central Jharkhand. Watch the birds and discover a new world.

Stay - Skylark Bank More (Tel -0326 2305121), Hotel Sunny, Egacoor, Kamardhubi (Tel - 0326 223130) Hotel ratan Bihar (JTDC unit), Court Compound (Tel -0326 2200090)
Nearest Airport - Ranch 220 kms
Railway Station - Dhanbad