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The capital city of Ranchi is situated in Chhotanagpur valley at an altitude of 2,140 ft above sea level. Ranchi is endowed with tranquil lakes, wild rivulets and stately hills all within a couple of kilometers away from the flyovers, bridges and the cacophony of the vehicles. Over the years it has also evolved as an important centre for technical as well as general education. It is also an important seat for tribal studies.

What to see in Ranchi

Pahari Mandir
The age old Pahari Mandir that turns half kilometer within from the Ratu Road is a fast developing destination for religious tourism. Located at about 8 kms from the railway station and 12 kms from the airport, the 2140 ft Ranchi hill houses the temple at its summit. A flight of 468 steps lead you to the 'Pahari Baba' that is worshipped in the form of a Shiv linga.

Devri mandir
A temple of Solha Bhuji Goddess durga, it is located on the right side of the Tata Ranchi Highway (NH33) at 60 kms from the capital city of Tamar. It is the only temple in the Jharkhand where the pujas are done by6 the Pahans (tribal priests) along with the conventional Brahmins.

Sun temple
The elegant temple of the Sun God is 40 kms away from the Railway Station on the tata Road near Bundu. It is fashioned in the form of a huse chariot with 18 bedecked wheels and seven true to life horses as if ready to gallop ahead.

Tagore Hill
True to its name the idyllic hill rising to a height of 300 feet, continues to preserve the legacy of the Nobel Laureate rabindranath Tagore. It lies within the city of Morhabandi in Ranchi, at a distance of 7 kms from the railway station and 10 kms from the airport.

Kanke Dam
Located on the Kanke Road at 8 kms from the railway station and 12 kms from the airport is the Kanke Dam. Covering an expanse of 8 sq. kms the water body is overlooked by the Gonda hillocks. The huge dark boulders of the latter instantly catch the eye even from a distance. The dam supplies portable water as a tourist spot, with musical fountains and boating facilities.

Rock Garden
Overlooking the Kanke dam about 8 kms from the Railway Station on the Kanke Road is the Rock Garden. While attracting tourists the place also promises to be a favorite haunt for the lovers, raring to steal a clandestine rendezvous away from the city.

Dassam Falls
About 40 kms from Ranchi enroute Jamshedpur a motorable road branching off from NH33 turns right towords Taimara village. It is here that the Kanchi river, a wild tributary of river Swarnarekha tumbles down from a height of 144 ft in full glory to be greeted by lush greenery at its base.

Jonha Falls
About 40 kms away from Ranchi situated on the Ranch-Purulia highway is the Johna falls named after the local village. It is also known as the Gautamdhara as there is a temple dedicated to Lord Buddha, in its vicinity. The rocks here seem to beckon you down its natutal gradient to join the frothy gurgling waters of the river. The falls appear relatively more somber enhancing the picturesque charm of the spot.

Hundru falls
Hundru falls is about 45 kms away from Ranchi town located on the Ranchi Purulia highway. The sight of the river Swarnarekha taking a spectacular leap from a height of 320 ft instantly wears out your fatigue. At the base of the falls the spirit of the water however mellows, gathering into a frothy pool where the visitors may take a rejuvenating dip.

Panch Ghagh Falls
Located on the way to Simdega on the Ranchi-Chaibasa Road, it is about 40 kms from the state capital. Being a series of five waterfalls in a row the destination is known by the name of Panch Ghagh or even Panch Dhara. It is an ideal picnic spot amidst lush greenery.

Sita Falls
Though it is one of the lesser known waterfalls, none the less your trip of the waterfalls in Ranchi is incomplete without a visit here. Being close to Jonha, it is not difficult to reach either.

It is another fascinating waterfall with tranquil sorroundings. It is situated 70 kms from Ranchi on way to Chakradharpur. Situated amidst dense forests, River Swarnarekha, tumbles in wild abandon from a considerable height.

Birsa Zoo
The Birsa Munda Jaivik Udyan is on the way to Ramgarh on NH33 about 20 kms from Ranchi near Ormanjhi. The thick canopy of lush green forests proves to be the natural habitats for a variety of rich wild life that thrives here.

Birsa deer park
Located about 23 kms from the capital city across the Ranch - Khunti road, lies the Birsa Mrig Vihar at Kalimati. Spread over an area of 23 hectres amidst the trees of Sal, Pipal, Banyan etc it is a rare feast for the eyes to sight the spotted Sambhar and the Cheetal.

Mansanjor dam