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History of Jharkhand is closely linked to the begining of human civilization in India. All you have to do is travel, see and discover the mysteries. Take off Hazaribagh to view the prehistoric cave paintings of Sitabhenga and Shivabhenga, that demonstrate an unbroken connection and continuity of incised pottery, painted pottery, tattoos with contemporary marriage and harvest paintings of surviving tribal habitats in the region. Not far off at Isko discover the ancient caves where man is supposed to have lived during the Ice Age and view the mammoth 100ft long rock ancient rock art dated between 4000-7000 BC. In Saptahar vew one of the greatest rock art galleries with etchings of zoomorphs, anthromorphs, fish, grasshoppers and more. travel to the heart of Hazaribagh valley to the town of Barkagaon, where one can encounter the only known Indian megalith site known as Barwadi Punkhri.