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Leh Ladakh

The landscapes of Leh Ladakh considered to have the most extreme enviroments, Leh with its gorgeous mountains, arid desert terrain sprinkled with Buddist monastries and the Poplar trees is a very sparsely populated place. The natural beauty of the place is comlimented with the generous and colcourful people. The most attractive feature of the landscape of Ladakh are the Buddist monastries situated on the isolated hillock in the vicinity of villages these aesthetically pleasing, archiecturally interesting monastries provide the focus for the faith of the highly religious Buddist people.

Some of the major monastrieslike Lamyaru, Alchi, Hemis and Thiksay have a wealth of artifacts, architecture and culture and form the backbone of some of Ladakh's most popular festivals talking of which the biggest and most famous of the monastic festivals that is frequented by tourists and locals alike is that of hemis which falls in late June or the first half of July. 
Besides monasteries, the 9 storey Leh Palace, Stok Palace Museum and the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies Choglamsar, Mosque and Moravian Church at Leh are added attraction for the tourists. Most of these can be conveniently visited from Leh as buses ply daily between Leh and those monasteries. Most of the monasteries remain open throughout the day.

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