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10 Lesser Explored Places in Himachal Pradesh

1. Karsog Valley
105 kms from Shimla

Karsog valley lies in the Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas bordering Shimla. The road to this less tracked place from Shimla are one of the most picturesque areas of Himachal. The route promises small streams through wide valleys, step farming on the mountain slopes and beautiful views of the snow capped peaks of Himalayas. Karsog is a small village with a few houses and small dhabas, with many old temples, each associated with a folk lore. Long stretches of apple orchards, and fields of rice, corn, beans and lentils are other attractions. The well known temple here is Mamleshwar Mahadev, Kamksha devi temple.

2. Janjehli
67 kms from Mandi

Janjheli liens in the interior of the Mandi district. It is located at a height of 2150m and the place is a trekker's paradise. The Valley can be used as the base for a variety of treks to places like Shikari Devi, Chindi, Karsag and Shoja. There are many different trekks to choose from. 16 kms away can be covered in 8 hours followed by Bulah which is 6 kms away. Magru Galu is a high mountain pass which can also be done but is a difficult one.

3. Pong lake
55 km from Dharamshala

Pong lake is situated near Dharamshala. It is known as Maharana Pratap Sagar or Pong dam reservoir. The Shivalik hills towering the dam adds to the beauty. The flora and fauna is the beauty of the place, choose from over 27 varities of fishes for dinner. The Sagar is a declared a bird sanctuary and over 220 species belonging to 54 families have been sighted; these include black-headed gulls, plovers, terns, ducks, water-fowl and egrets - the first sighting of the red-necked grebe was made at the Sagar. Other sports include swimming, water-skiing, surfing, kayaking, rowing, canoeing and sailing.

4. Churah valley
110 kms from Chamba

Near the Chamba town, Churah is a beautiful valley of three lakes - Mahakali dal, Mahal nag dal and Gadasru. The Bhuri Singh museum has Indo-Greek silver coins preserved. The word Churah itself means four paths - The four paths coming from Churah link you to the differnt places in Jammu and Kashmir. Churah seems to have been open to trade route from Jammu & Kashmir as it makes boundary with it. Churah is famous for different kothis built by the Rajas almost in each pargana. Some kothis were built as rest places for the Rajas and their men on their visits to the area.Churah is also famous for its hydro-electric project Baira Siul.

5. Rajgarh valley
40 kms from Solan

This beautiful valley is also known as the peach valley. It is a place popular for camping nad trekking. Shaya temple dedicated to Lord Shirgul, who once settled here in the Churdhar mountain and since then people flock in large numbers to the temple. Baru Sahib Gurudwara is also located nearby around 29 kms from Rajgarh. Trekking the best activity to be done here. The Habban valley has thick pine and deodhar trees. Other places to trek to are Haripirdhar and Nohradhar.

6. Renukaji
95 kms from Chandigarh

The Renukaji lake has a circumfrance of 2.5 kms and is the largest lake in Himachal. It is believed that the temples situated around the lake was built overnight in the 18th century. The climate is cool all around the year. Boating and Trekking are the main past times here. There is a zoo here and also the jamu peak which is 8 kms above the peak can also be seen.

7. Shoja
50 kms from Kullu

Shoja is loacted in the valley of Seraj and a place of exceptional beauty. There are trekking and sightseeing options here. You may drive to jalori pass which leads you to sainj and Shimla. At Jalori Pass (3125m) one can witness snow and Shoja acts as the base camp. The other trekk routes take you to Serolser Lake, waterfall and Raghupur fort.

8. Narkanda
65 kms from Shimla

Narkanda is a quiet place which commands an unique view of the eternal snow line, the inviting apple orchards and dense forests. Narkanda is famous for Skiing & Winter sports. During these days the slopes come alive with skiers. One can trek to Hatu Mata temple which is 8 kms climb. From the top the spectacular view of Himalayan ranges, as well as snow can be seen. 17 kms from here is Thanedar where the Stokes Farm of apple is located.

9. Fagu
22 kms from Shimla

A small hamlet overlooking apple orchards, and a fine view of Himalayas, Fagu is an excellent sight seeing option. The picturesque countryside is dotted with clusters of villages, fruit gardens and nearby terraced fields. Fog characterizes the hillside landscape and hence it got its name Fagu.

10. Sangla valley
150 kms from Narkanda

Sangla is situated on the right bank of Baspa river 17 Km. from Karcham in the Baspa valley. Journey from Karcham onwards is enjoyable and adventurous throughout the valley. The natural scenery all around and the eternal snow view are picturesque and charming. It is also known as Baspa Valley since Baspa river flows through this area. This is the most charming valley in the entire District of Kinnaur. A temple dedicated to Naga god is worth a visit and other places are Sapni, Rackchham, Kilba, Kamru Fort which can also be visited. It is only 30 km from the Tibetan border.

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