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The Land of Kings and QueensDelhi - Jodhpur - Kumbhalgarh - UdaipurTotal No of days - 7Dated - April 2009

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Travelogue Route map

Route map Delhi-Jodhpur-Kumbhalgarh

  • Distance - Delhi to Jodhpur (589kms)
  • Jodhpur - Kumbalgarh (213kms)

  • Delhi - Jodhpur(589kms/12hrs)

    Destination Time Distance Remarks
    Delhi start 0
    Gurgaon 30kms
    Daruhera 70kmskms
    Behroor 130kms
    Shahpura 200kms
    Dand 234kms
    Amer 249kms
    Jaipur 259kms From Jaipur Amer Beawar. Go st then turn rt to Jaitran Bilara Jodhpur. Save 35kms
    Sart from Jaipur
    Take NH8 to Kishangarh
    Turn rt to Ajmer
    Go st to Beawar 225kms
    Turn rt to Bar
    Go st to Jaitran
    Go st to Bilara Total 330kms
    TOTAL 10hrs 587kms

    Jodhpur - Kumbhalgarh(213kms/4.5hrs)

  • Route - Jodhpur - Falna - Sadri - (we took a turn and passed through some villages built under Prime Minister's Rural Roads program to take a short cut) - Gaud - Jwali - Nagod - Desudi - Katwara - Charbhujia - Khelwara - Kumbalgarh.

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