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Snowy ShojaRoad trip to Chandigarh Mandi Shoja from DelhiTotal No of days - 4Dated - Dec 2016

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Places to see in & around Shoja

Tirthan valley
The Tirthan river has been declared an angling reserve and no hydro power projects are allowed on this river or its tributaries There are no big hotels, just small resthouses, lodges or home stays. The localites can help you with flies and organise ghillies to show where you can fish. They also arrange picnic lunches if you want to spent the whole day out fishing. You can also have your days catch cooked or freezed take it back home. Fishing permit is necessary as the local fisheries people keep regular checks to prevent over fishing in the Tirthan river.

A local ghillie is a must, if one wants to fish as they know where to fish and which line to use. Brown trout is found in the less frequented pools. One can go to the opposite bank on the Jhoola the baby version of himachali cable car. Also one can take a day out to scale the drive to 10,500ft Jalori pass. There is snow here full time, shiver as you approach the top, the scent of pine trees and the snowy mountains are irresistable. At the top one can frequent the shepards with goats and sheep, in move for fresh pastures..

The town of Banjar has beautiful shawls and Kullu caps and knitting wool.

The tirthan valley presents the local life, the small villages, the farmer fields and school children walking to school are all beautiful scences of everyday life. People are friendly and they lean out of their windows to greet you.

Great Himalayan National Park.
The park can be visited only by foot and there are numerous habitats for explorations from bush forest of Oak, Conifer and Bamboo, to gentle alpine meadows; from swift flowing rivers to high alpine glaciers.

From April to October it is pleasant in the day and slightly cold at night. Additionally, in July and August there is always a possibility of rain. November, Dec and March is a great time to experience the magic of wintertime in the hills with snowfall being a strong possibility and minimum temperatures around zero degrees centigrade.

Best time to visit

  • March: there is a lot of snow at the pass as well.
  • April: Rhododendron colors
  • Mid- end May: Irises in bloom
  • Oct: Fall colors

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